Connor is Sassy!

The Outreach Community Fund

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Released: 07/07/2023

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Connor is a three year old Havanese Puppy full of energy, care, and love for life. He is also very opinionated and not afraid to make sure you know what he is thinking, no matter how big or how small he might appear to be given he is only 7lbs. 

He is a wonderful spirit and he brings happiness and joy to any animal, child, or person who gets to see him as he ventures around his two homes both in Miami Florida and New York City. He is playful, sassy, and can speak both English and Spanish. Connor enjoys spending time with his dad and his little brother Reggie, who is another wonderful Dope Doggy! 

Proceeds generated from this NFT collection are to be donated to the AKC rescue foundation.

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The Outreach Community Fund is a pool of monies contributed by the proceeds of to bring access to resources and capital to numerous outreach programs across the world. To begin, the OCF will allocate funding to The Red Cross, United Way, Boys & Girls Club, + UNICEF programs with more coming soon from the declarations and ideas posted on!