Tucker The World's Most Amazing Corgi

The Outreach Community Fund

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Released: 07/07/2023

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Tucker was a truly unique Corgi. Born on 10.10.10, Tucker came into this world with a 100% recessive genetic composition, making him look and truly behave like a real life teddy bear. He always loved life and put forth his best effort to keep up with his other Dope Doggies, even though his legs were about 1/2 as long in comparison to his body. Tucker touched the hearts and souls of so many people during his life, and he will be remembered forever as the cutest Corgi. Tucker passed away on 2.20.20, and in his honor, is raising awareness about Dog oncology research in the hopes that other dogs can be cured of the illness which unfortunately took his life from us far too soon. 

We love you Tucker!! 

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